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Ralph's Roofing Blog Hello! My name is Ralph and this is my roofing blog. I first became fascinated with roofing when I was a boy. When my dad was angry at me. I would climb up onto the roof of our house and hide. One afternoon, when I was hiding on the roof, I found myself looking at the tiles and wondering how they fitted together and stayed in place. I decided to spend a couple of months hanging around the local roofing contractors office so I could learn a thing or two. And I did. Although I never became a professional roofer myself, I still remember all of the tips and advice.

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Roofing Repair: Four Fundamental Tips for Restoring Your Guttering

If you have been neglecting the guttering system in your home, you should plan for an immediate restoration. In general, gutters are usually forgotten until there is heav

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Benefits of Metal Roofs for a Home

The roofing of your home protects you from the elements, keeping you snug and warm in winter, and cool and comfortable in summer. Plus, its shape, colour, and texture sha

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Granny Flat Tips That Will Help You Stand Out. Don't Be Ordinary!

Granny flats are an accessory dwelling that you should consider having on your property. They fall into the category of tiny houses, and tiny house living continues to th

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Understanding Roof Restoration

You may come across different terms when you are having problems with your roof. They can include roof restoration, roof repair and roof replacement. Roof repair means f